About Us

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as the most respected, collaborative and influential member-driven business association in Arizona.

Promote regional prosperity, serving as a catalyst for economic vitality and strong communities.

How do we act as a catalyst?
We collaborate internally and with external partners to function as a catalyst in four ways:
• Call to Action—assess, define and educate around critical needs or opportunities in our region.
• Cultivate Community Builders—identify, recruit and develop business leaders to become community builders.
• Convene/Connect Leaders to Drive Change—build and participate in coalitions that take and influence action.
• Communicate—promote community building successes inside and outside our region.

We function as a catalyst with the intention that all parties experience positive benefits from collaboration with us.

We engage in our roles to advance our three major objectives:
• Grow the Regional Talent Pool—research and action on workforce development, education, rapid-response training, career awareness, talent attraction/retention, wellness, and other factors affecting the regional talent pool.

• Create a Regional Approach to Economic Development—a regional, data-driven strategy with measurable outcomes and deliverables, industry cluster led partnerships to identify and drive priority actions, BRE collaboration, and competitive analysis to benchmark our progress and compete on national and global basis.

• Drive a Pro-Arizona Agenda—identify and promote pro-growth, pro-job policies and highlight Arizona unique quality of life while cultivating a coalition of electoral officials, business leaders, and others to sustain a Pro-Arizona agenda.

Our Board
The Chamber’s board of directors includes appointed representatives from many of the Valley’s most influential organizations, companies and institutions. The board is comprised of approximately 50 business leaders in diverse industry sectors, including health care, bioscience, transportation, manufacturing, business and consumer services, banking and media. The board provides leadership for the business community, steers the Chamber’s political advocacy and promotes a business-friendly environment to help grow the Greater Phoenix region.

Our Staff
Our staff of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to present outstanding programs, signature events and a variety of other services, offerings and savings that provide tremendous value to our members. Together as a dedicated team, we roll up our sleeves, address critical issues and solve challenges our community faces such as education, transportation, immigration, wellness and workforce development. We see challenges as opportunities.