Committees & Councils


GPCC encourages all Chamber members and their employees to participate in shaping Arizona’s laws and public policies. The Chamber offers seven issue committees where industry leaders, community leaders, practitioners, legal experts and lobbyists gather to evaluate legislation and regulatory matters, in order to make recommendations on the Chamber’s behalf.

Agriculture, Environment & Water Issue Committee
Participates in policy-making that encourages economic development in Arizona while respecting the state’s natural resources. Supports environmental, water and natural resources policies that are based on sound science and responsive to Arizona’s unique needs. Meets first Tuesday of the month.

Budget & Tax Issue Committee
Promotes tax and budget policies that support the retention of businesses, attract new investment and create employment in the greater Phoenix region and Arizona. Committee is included in process when other issue committees are evaluating policies that have a tax and/or fiscal impact to ensure consistency with the Chamber’s Guiding Principles. Meets first Monday of the month.

Economic Development Issue Committee
Supports retention and expansion of existing businesses in the region; collaborates with economic development organizations on efforts to retain, expand and attract businesses. Committee co-chairs are required to serve on the GPCC Board of Directors. Meets fourth Thursday on the month.

Health Care & Insurance Issue Committee
Supports strong health care and insurance markets that offer affordable, quality options to Arizona’s businesses and residents. Meets third Monday of the month.

Transportation & Infrastructure Issue Committee
Works to increase the versatility of the regional transit system, enhance airports and improve mobility for the region’s employers, goods, residents and visitors. Also analyzes proposed transportation projects and advocates for investments that contribute to economic development of the region. Meets first Tuesday of the month.

Workforce Readiness Issue Committee
Enhances academic accountability while offering appropriate skills training that answers employment needs to create a stronger, protected workforce. Meets third Monday of the month.

Public Affairs Committee
Considers and acts upon recommendations from the Chamber’s seven issue committees; makes official policy recommendations to the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Meets every other Friday. *Committee membership limited to Premier-level Chamber members only.

For questions about upcoming Public Affairs and Issue Committee meetings, email the Public Affairs department at or call 602-495-6474.


Small Business Leadership Council
The Small Business Leadership Council (SBLC) ensures the voice of small business is heard within the Chamber. These dedicated small business owners meet bimonthly and advocate for small business as part of the Chamber’s overall mission.

 For questions about upcoming Small Business Leadership Council meetings, email Brittney Conklin a or call 602-495-2194.

Workplace Safety Council
A safe workplace can reduce employee absenteeism and improve a company’s bottom line. The workplace safety council convenes quarterly in partnership with CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company to assist members in reducing workplace injuries and impact on insurance premiums.

 For questions about the workplace safety coucin, email Kathy Chance at or call 602-495-6494.

The Phoenicians
An organization of business people dedicated to community enhancement through exchanging business knowledge between communities. The Phoenicians regularly travel to organizations around the Valley to meet with community and business leaders and tour their businesses and manufacturing facilities.

For more information about The Phoenicians, email Loraine LaMorder at or call 602.495.2195.