Three Social Media Tips in Less Than Three Minutes

July 6th, 2011
Ryan Naylor of Local Work Marketing

There's social media...and then there's effective social media. Your business can't afford not to embrace new ways of building an audience of potential customers, but you also can't afford to go about it the wrong way. Ryan Naylor of Local Work Marketing has a trio of easy tips that can keep you from learning the hard way.

Social media is the term that best describes websites that help connect individuals socially. With so much talk about social media and the positive effect it can have on small business owners, here are three quick tips to follow that can help you start building a social media following.

  1. Content, Content, Content: Social media sites have a massive amount of traffic. The key is obviously getting the traffic to your social media page, right? All content on social media sites is searchable one way or another. Take the time to write meaningful content relating to your industry. When someone in need of advice or your service searches, you’ll be at the right place at the right time.
  2. Don’t Measure Success by Numbers: Although this is completely cliché to any business owners out there, let me explain. Social media can be the death of you. You will catch yourself spending countless hours trying to increase your popularity. Don’t worry about how many followers you have, rather focus on targeting the” right” audience.  Who cares if you have a million fans, if they all live in India and you are a local plumber?!
  3. Social Media Does Not Equal Self-Promotion: Too many companies get so passionate about sharing about themselves… yawn.  Who cares?! What people care about on social media is offering advice and information that can help one another. One in ten posts on social media sites should promote your company. The other nine posts should be focused on positive interaction and transparency to help others. Offer some insight for free about your trade. If you are a mechanic, show some love by telling your friends how to save money by doing a quick oil change themselves. In reality… if they haven’t done it before, I don’t think your post will convince them to start. It shows some social love though.

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