Living Hope Centers


Living Hope Centers is a safe place for women to come to receive HOPE. Offering free pregnancy tests, non-diagnostic ultrasounds, housing, life-skills classes, job training, fatherhood classes and more, Living Hope Centers allows woman and men time to get back on their feet and provides the resources to do so. This in turn helps boost families to thriving status that impacts generations to come.

Seeing other organizations as collaborative partners rather than competitors allows Living Hope Centers to provide more expansive resources to its clients.  Its niche however, is providing housing and a job in its boutique, while taking classes in parenting, finance, emotional health, etc. By providing an income for its clients and requiring them to save 80% of their income, Living Hope Centers does more than put money in their pockets. The clients learn life skills, build confidence and self worth,  and with the money saved, they are able to purchase a vehicle or put a down payment on a residence when they are ready to transition. Further, Living Hope Center will help the client acquire their GED (if needed) and get an off-campus position that compliments their natural skill set.

Living Hope Centers helps the business community and the Valley by aiding those that cannot help themselves, training them to become self-sufficient, contributing members to our Valley community.

When posed with the question, “What is your organization most proud of?”, Living Hope Centers had this to say:

● Every person that has completed our program has a success story and a testimony of how the Lord has used Living Hope Centers to help them find a new chance at life.

● In 2017 alone, we were able to put over 1,000 individuals through our classes.

● Living Hope Centers is also the only Pregnancy Resource Center in the nation on a reservation.

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