OnSite Care (OnSite) brings exceptional healthcare right to your workplace.  It operates worksite healthcare clinics for private and public employers, aligning the goals of employers, employees, and physicians in reducing healthcare spending while improving workforce health. Taking a more proactive approach to employee health care is what sets OnSite apart from its competitors.

Addressing its customers’ biggest challenge of high healthcare costs, OnSite helps companies realize the benefits of preventive care. Many companies have now recognized that it is less expensive to provide preventive primary care services for employees than to provide coverage for treating illnesses and injuries. Better primary and preventive care creates a more productive workforce and lowers other employer costs such as disability and workers’ compensation claims.

OnSite is a mission-driven company dedicated exclusively to improving healthcare for employers. With its unique approach to customizing services for clients, OnSite acts as a strategic partner in the provision of healthcare services, helping employers grow and evolve with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

OnSite provides convenient and affordable healthcare services for employees and dependents of companies and public employers in the Greater Phoenix area, helping to improve health and productivity. OnSite also uniquely emphasizes the interests of employers in the evolving healthcare debate and move toward value-based health care.

Numbers don’t lie and OnSite Care’s 100% client retention is evidence of its commitment to their clients for the past 11 years!