Verdigris is changing banking for the better. Over 63 million Americans have no or limited access to the regulated banking system, paying triple what they should for substitute banking services. We’re building a fresh solution with cutting-edge technology, expertise and a regulated bank to deliver simple, low-cost banking to the unbanked.

We’re built from the ground up for one purpose: deliver real banking to the unbanked and the companies that serve them. This allows us to keep costs low, adapt to emerging technology and ensure constant security and compliance with regulatory requirements without having to bolt on expensive solutions to old banking infrastructure.

With over 25% of households nationwide impacted by limited access to banking, there are hundreds of thousands in the Valley impacted as well. We aim to provide a lower cost solution, help real families save over 2/3 in what they currently spend on substitute banking services and put that money back into their families and community business.

In addition to consumers, many businesses serving underbanked individuals also face challenges since their customers are incorrectly seen as “high-risk.” These businesses face high costs too and are often “de-risked” by mainstream banks. We help them increase line of sight into their customers while providing banking as well.

We’re looking forward to bringing our solutions to Phoenix!