Owner of Fortitude Consulting John Boggs shared a few thoughts on how to better your leadership abilities for self-improvement month.

As a retired Marine officer, a former vice president of a nonprofit and a partner in a government contracting and international business development company, Boggs has plenty of experience with enhancing leadership skills and improving strategy.

To improve leadership abilities, Boggs advises people to be professional, have perspective, be decisive, communicate effectively and be resilient.

Being professional means knowing yourself. “Have a sense of self. That means know what you stand for,” Boggs said.

It’s critical for people to keep perspective in mind when tackling everyday problems. “What I mean is you don’t kill a fly with a hammer,” Boggs said.

Colonel John Boggs, owner of Fortitude Consulting

Colonel John Boggs, owner of Fortitude Consulting

When it comes to decision making, it’s important to have a personal process in place. An example of a process is: observing, orienting, deciding and taking action. Delaying decisions can often lead to worse outcome so decisiveness is a huge part of good leadership.

“Understand that there is no such thing as a perfect decision. Don’t go on the quest for the perfect decision. Move forward. Decision making is a process and a cycle. Don’t be afraid of being decisive,” Boggs said.

Effective communication is essential to good leadership. Good communication is clear and concise. It means sharing information, even if it’s bad news, and being able to pass bad news along with recommendations to help the situation.

Learning to communicate throughout the spectrum of human emotion is also important, Boggs explained. “You have to learn to see the picture in other people’s eyes. You have to listen, feel the conversation, see the conversation and really learn to listen.”

Lastly, remember to be resilient, Boggs said. “We all get knocked down. The ground is not the place for you. We all have to get up.”

-Written by Carolina Lopez digital marketing administrator for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

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