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A southern boy at heart, though wary of country music for its effects on the mood, Trevor Moawad is casual and quickly likeable. He’s passionate about sharing his advice and experiences from leadership coaching. After all, he knows a thing or two about leadership in high pressure moments, from being on the sidelines during the Rose Bowl Game to helping businesses during their final sales quarters.

Moawad has family roots in Arizona and was the vice president of pro and elite sports at EXOS, a Phoenix-based company that teaches football players techniques and mechanics to succeed. He’s now president of Moawad Consluting Group, where he focuses on helping clients continuously improve through mental coaching.

On Tuesday, September 29, Moawad will present on how to develop a winning mindset at the Chamber’s Wellness Forum. In the meantime, Moawad shared some tips on staying cool under pressure and sustaining success.

1. When dealing with pressure, look at it as a privilege and realize the difference between being challenged and being distressed, Moawad said. “If you’re going to accomplish anything of value, it’s going to push back when you push forward. Look at it as a challenge.” This helps with keeping you in control of moments. Also, remember to keep your mind 5-feet to 10-feet in front of you, preventing you from getting overwhelmed.

2. “The ability to sustain success is rooted in great habits because when we form habits, our habits form us, whether they’re good or bad,” said Moawad, explaining that discipline can be achieved by repeated, mandated actions. Part of discipline is controlling the media we take in, which partly shapes who we are. This is why he refrains from listening to country music; it gets him in a down mood.

3. Learn how to minimize negative thoughts, particularly what’s said aloud in every day interactions. “The things we say to ourselves or to our peers out loud predict our futures that day and in that moment,” said Moawad.

-Written by Carolina Lopez digital marketing administrator for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. взять займ онлайн

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