Jessica Hipskind, student care manager at the University of Phoenix, is a finalist for the 2015 ATHENA Award in the Young Professional category. Click here to watch a video about the ATHENA Young Professional Finalists.

Jessica Hipskind

Jessica Hipskind

Before the age of 20, Jessica Hipskind was managing a real estate branch helping individuals purchase homes. Hipskind is tenacious, to say the least.

Her tenacity has helped her career’s progression. She’s now a student care group manager with University of Phoenix where she assists students, employees, managers and directors grow professionally and personally. Hipskind also leads her team’s volunteer efforts assisting local food banks, book donation centers and animal care centers.

Hipskind works with students who may have halted their educations for personal reasons. “We get to call these students and alleviate any anxieties they have and get them back on track.” Hipskind said. “Having that gratitude and then ability to be able to see them through to graduation is so rewarding.”

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