Earlier this morning the Arizona State Board of Education (SBE) voted in a 6-2 decision to repeal Common Core as the State’s Standards. This was a repeal of the June 2010 adoption of Common Core specifically and allows Arizona to continue our current standards, now referred to as Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS). This motion was symbolic in nature, aiming to remove the controversy that surrounds ACCRS from the discussion and maintain the focus on Arizona students.

SBE’s decision to repeal Common Core will in no way change the current standards in place that both educators and students have been working on over the last five years and will continue the review process that is currently underway. Comments will continue to be collected online through Nov. 20 at https://k12standards.az.gov/comment-standards. We encourage teachers, parents and other members of the public to weigh in to ensure that our standards are strong and reflect Arizona’s needs. Any changes to the existing standards will be made only as a result of this review process.

Posted by Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

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