Sky Harbor Airport wiki imageEvery savvy business traveler preps for trips by examining their suitcase to make sure they have the proper attire, and their briefcase to make sure they have the proper presentation materials and are on schedule.

Likewise, actually getting to your destination also requires preparation. It is in this spirit that Phoenix Sky Harbor International – America’s Friendliest Airport® – offers this quick and easy travel checklist to enable business travelers to use all the great services and amenities offered to make getting through the facility and on to the correct flight a breeze.

First, take advantage of one of the airport’s best-kept secrets, the PHX Sky Train® Station at 44th Street and Washington. This amenity helps travelers avoid airport traffic and curb congestion by offering access to all three airport terminals via the 24-hour PHX Sky Train. The station is ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers.

You may have seen the station highlighted in a recently-launched “Locals Know Where To Go” campaign. It features the Arizona Diamondbacks mascot Baxter showing off the station’s numerous amenities, including:

  • Early Bag Check: A handy service for those flying American Airlines, Southwest, or United to check their bags before boarding the PHX Sky Train®. The service is free, but individual airline bag fees still apply.
  • Boarding Pass Kiosk: Print your boarding pass before arriving at the terminal
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot (Free): Features approximately 100 parking spaces and restrooms.

The seasoned business traveler may already know how to secure the best air fares and where and how to check-in efficiently, but Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers the following tips to all travelers:

  • Time: Give yourself extra time. Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your departure.
  • Luggage: Look through your purse or carry-on bag before arriving at the airport. Visit for information about what can be placed in your carry-on.
  • Parking: Reserve your discount parking in advance at here to save money on terminal garage parking. And, click here for up-to-the-minute parking availability or call (602) 273-4545.
  • Visit: for more travel tips and airport information.

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