The explosion in social, mobile and computing technology advancements is driving the need for a robust, highly performing and responsive Web platform. A well-designed and assessable Web solution is essential to supporting a great digital experience and driving business.

Andy Knape, an experienced technology leader with more than 16 years of solution architecture and program management experience working with leading national companies, says his firm Slalom Consulting provides forward-looking Web solutions.

“Today’s technology trends require a better approach to building websites that result in flexible and cost-efficient solutions that empower the business and maintain the brand,” said Knape, who serves as technology enablement practice leader at Slalom. “Those who tackle the challenge now will benefit from applications that can change with the speed of business, reduce complexity and adjust to new digital business models.”

Businesses are frequently redesigning their Web solutions – which includes their websites and apps – to serve as the primary point of digital presence to support the company mission, business goals and customer support. Modern, responsive Web solutions have become the cornerstone when defining and enabling a company’s digital image and enabling a holistic digital experience.

“Responsive design has become critical to crafting solutions that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices,” Knape added. “Many businesses evaluate their customers’ experience solely through the narrow lens of a product or service. Instead, we strive to understand the complete human journey by exploring what creates a fully aligned, context-driven experience.”

Knape provided the following five core focus areas used by Slalom when defining and crafting a client’s digital strategy.
Web Platform Architecture: While UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design is critical to the digital experience, the usability and performance of Web solutions on mobile devices as well as the open Web has become the focus of Web development. Security and eCommerce is considered here.
Responsive Design: With more customers accessing websites on the go, today’s Web applications often need to support a diverse set of form factors. Responsive design solutions are aimed at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling – across a wide range of devices. Additionally, companies who embrace responsive Web designs gain additional benefits such as: one cross-platform codebase, consistent branding and user experience across devices and a lower total cost of ownership.
Content Management (CMS): A content management solution has become critical for content-rich websites to ensure the content is well-designed for both desktop and mobile consumption while maintaining consistency between the two. Furthermore, technology needs to enable business with flexible content creation and editing capabilities and support marketing objectives.
Integration Architecture: On the open Web as well as mobile, application programming interfaces (APIs) will dictate the IT environment. Effective API design has become essential to the product development as web design concepts have adopted representational state transfer (REST) and hypermedia as the norm, making integrations easier than the past remote procedure calls and SOAP-style (simple object access protocol) Web services. Establishing a RESTful API framework not only enables data integration, but also future-phase partner integrations.
logo_1Content Strategy: Aside from technology, maybe the most important part of defining your digital presence rests with the content you provide. It is critical to consider the priorities of end users versus what is important to you internally. You need to provide content that interests users and then clearly define your specific calls to action (CTAs), including informing users, requesting information, lead generation, attending events or making a purchase. Regardless of your CTA, it is important to have these defined and track your success over time.

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