firefighters trainingThe Chamber urges a yes vote on Proposition 124, which is a cooperative effort to fix Arizona’s unsustainable, vastly underfunded Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).

The common-sense measure has wide support from public safety personnel – including the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona and Arizona Fraternal Order of Police – and has no arguments filed against it with the Secretary of State’s Office. These changes, which directly impact these vital workers, are being made with their input and consent.

PSPRS simply cannot continue the way it is structured now and remain solvent. It only has enough money right now to cover half of the enrolled fire fighters and police officers enrolled.

Although the plan enjoys bipartisan support and has been passed by the Arizona Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey, it still requires one additional stamp of approval – from voters. It requires this step because it makes a small change to the Arizona Constitution, which the Legislature cannot alter. Only the people can take that step. And that step is supported by the public safety workers whom this affects, the politicians who crafted the measure and the municipalities that are hamstrung by the current burdensome system.

We urge voters to go to the polls on May 17 to vote yes on Prop. 124 to ensure that our police officers and fire fighters have assured, continued access to the money and services they need long after they’ve extinguished their last fire and caught their last criminal.

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