downtown phoenix aerial shot wiki Parents and teachers all across Arizona sent their ballots in and turned out at the polls on May 17 to say ‘yes’ to building a successful future for our great state by passing two critical ballot measures, Propositions 123 and 124.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce stood with Gov. Doug Ducey, the Arizona Legislature, the education and business communities, community leaders and many concerned Arizonans in strongly supporting both measures as common-sense solutions to issues that developed over many years and threatened to harm both schools and cities.The strong turnout on both sides of the Prop. 123 campaign showed that Arizonans are passionate about providing solutions to ensure children receive a strong education that adequately prepares them for secondary education, the 21st century workforce or wherever they choose to go after high school. Prop. 123 sets the foundation for this and all of those who worked on the public education campaign deserve our gratitude for the efforts.

Prop. 123’s success and the opportunities it provides will benefit the entire state for years to come.

On May 17, voters also passed Prop. 124 with a 70 percent ‘yes’ vote. Prop. 124 is a cooperative agreement supported by firefighters and police officers to fix Arizona’s unsustainable, vastly underfunded Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).

The common-sense measure enjoyed wide support from public safety personnel – including the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona and Arizona Fraternal Order of Police. These changes, which directly impact these vital workers, are being made with their input and consent.

The measure ensures that our police officers and fire fighters have assured, continued access to the money and services they need long after they’ve extinguished their last fire and caught their last criminal.

Posted by Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

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