Whether you’re a native Arizonan or a transplant from the East Coast, Valley residents expect triple-digit temperatures and scorching summer heat from May through September. As the heat envelops our daily lives, coverage of Arizona’s long-term drought again takes center stage across news outlets.

Water conservation measures
Central Arizona Project advises that conservation needs to become a year-long commitment for Arizonans. Beyond turning off the water when you brush your teeth and installing low-flow plumbing, below are a few extra measures to save even more precious water.

Can’t let go of the lawn? Maintain a healthy, attractive lawn without wasting water by:

  • watering your lawn at night or in the early morning to keep evaporation at a minimum.
  • adjusting your mower so that grass isn’t cut too short – longer grass uses less water.

Pools are a great way to beat the heat, but they use an exorbitant amount of water. The average pool evaporates its entire contents (16,000 gallons) each year. Conserve water by:

  • keeping your pool level lower than you normally would to reduce water loss caused by splashing.
  • using your pool filter backwash water on your plants or use it for other purposes. Better yet, use cartridge filters that can be cleaned without having to backwash.
  • installing a pool cover can save 90-95 percent of pool and spa water lost to evaporation.

For more water conservation tips from Central Arizona Project, visit www.cap-az.com.

Pool maintenance
Routine pool maintenance and repair not only ensures your pool stays sparkling and in good condition, but also helps to conserve water by minimizing leaks, preventing excessive evaporation and staying energy efficient.

Family-owned and serving both residential and commercial customers in the Valley since 1991, Desert Sparkle Pool Care offers a wide range of services and supplies to meet your needs, no matter the time of year. While some pool maintenance projects are not possible in the extreme summer heat, plan ahead with Desert Sparkle Pool Care to tackle those pool projects as the weather cools so you’ll enjoy easier maintenance and lower costs next summer.

For expert pool advice, maintenance and repairs, visit www.desertsparkle.com.


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