Posted on Sept. 2, 2016, by Willcox Range News

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce officially announced its opposition to the mandatory minimum wage increase ballot proposal. This measure, the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act initiative, would be detrimental to Arizona’s competitiveness, negatively affect small businesses, force employers to raise prices for goods, as well as result in some jobs being eliminated permanently or outsourced altogether.

“While we wholeheartedly support hard-working, healthy families and fair wages, this particular proposal is not an effective economic policy,” said Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Public Affairs Mike Huckins. “In fact, this measure has the potential to eliminate more jobs than it would create. In addition, it does nothing to address local governments adopting a higher minimum wage above what this measure calls for, furthering the dangerous potential for a patchwork of wage and benefit policies across the state.”

“The proposed mandated increase in minimum wage would have a negative impact on business and our economy, said Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Economic Development Jennifer Mellor. “We are working to create jobs and grow our economy and a mandated increase would have the reverse effect. Many minimum wage positions are entry-level and provide immediate and long-term growth opportunities. Increasing baseline compensation will likely result in fewer minimum wage, entry-level positions, which far outweighs the benefits of an increase and is counterproductive to economic development and job creation.”

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