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Darrel Sargent, GenStar

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Although the origins of this common saying can be traced as far back as the first century A.D., it’s just as relevant today as it was then.

For business leaders of any company, organization or agency, trusting an employee means giving them access to the lifeblood of a business: the goods it sells, company equipment and technology, the cash that flows through it, the proprietary ideas and resources and the reputation on which it rises or falls.

The best precaution any company can take when hiring new employees is a comprehensive background check.

“Risk prevention should be a priority for any business,” says Darrel Sargent of GenStar Background Screeners. “Pre-employment background screening prevents lost productivity, damaged reputation, theft, liability costs and training losses.”

Sargent’s passion for precaution is apparent. He shared some key misconceptions about employee background checks and some startling statistics.

“Employee theft is one of the biggest issues,” Sargent says. “One-third of all business failures are contributed to employee theft.”

Sargent adds, “One-third of all employee application forms contain deliberate, deceptive and false information. It can range from not disclosing termination from a prior job to not disclosing a prior conviction. For a company, the question of who you trust is important.”

Some might say that comprehensive, pre-employment background screening is too expensive and may balk at the cost.

“The cost of replacing an employee far outweighs the cost of conducting pre-employment background checks,” Sargent advises. “It costs between $7,000 and $40,000 to replace an employee. That’s a significant monetary loss to any company.”

Another big misconception is that every background check is the same.

“All of Genstar’s background checks are done a la carte…there is not a one-size-fits-all, full-sweep screening,” Sargent says. “We have 35 different screening packages that are customized by industry and further refined to meet any employer’s or industry’s need.”

Workplace violence is also a top concern for many companies. According to the Workplace Violence Research Institute, in a single month, an estimated 16,400 threats are made, 723 workers are attacked and 43,800 are harassed.

“The average award settlement in a workplace violence lawsuit is over $1 million, costing employers $36 billion each year,” Sargent says. “That’s a liability that will damage your company reputation, but can also put an organization out of business.”

Sargent concluded, “Companies should take every precaution to ensure that all new hires are exactly who they represent themselves as. And your first line of defense is a comprehensive, professionally designed background check.”

To learn more about GenStar Background Screeners, visit www.genstarbackgroundscreeners.com.

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