Trevor Young

Trevor Young

Recently starting his new role as the program coordinator for workforce development, Trevor Young works to expand Chamber efforts to affect people in the community positively. Passionate about student success, Young worked for Future Business Leaders of America while earning his Bachelors of Science in tourism development and management from Arizona State University. A fan of cycling, he once rode more than 3,000 miles to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

What do you do at the Chamber?
The Chamber has five sector strategies that focus on addressing the talent needs here in the Greater Phoenix region. I serve as the liaison between business/industry and educational/community partners to develop solutions to address the industry’s most critical talent needs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself working to scale the Chamber’s workforce efforts. There is so much great work to be done, but never quite enough time to accomplish it. I hope that in years to come the Chamber can continue to expand our sector strategies and efforts to positively affect more people in our community while also continuing to serve as an economic development catalyst for the region.

What causes are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about student success in and out of the classroom. I spent my entire college career working for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). This career and technical student organization works to help students develop leadership and employability skills while providing them with experiences to broaden their knowledge of what opportunities are available after graduation. It’s always exciting to see how much of my work today relates to the need to continue to scale and expand career and technical education programs and organizations.

Something surprising about you?
I love to cycle! In 2013 I rode more than 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities with an organization called The Ability Experience on the Journey of Hope. It was the best 60 days of my life so far.

Any mentors or role models?
My previous supervisor, Ryan Hamilton, is my greatest mentor. He’s always pushed me to jump at opportunities that arise and is the perfect example of what it takes to be a great father and husband while also having a successful career.

Favorite spot in Arizona?
Mt. Graham near my hometown of Safford. You can go from 95 degree temps in the desert to 70 degree temps in the pines within 20 minutes. Anytime I take a trip home I try to make the trek up the mountain!

Favorite thing to do outside of work?
I love to attend concerts here in the Valley. You can find me at Mike Snow with St. Lucia on Oct. 5 or at Adele on Nov. 21!

Any advice for the next generation entering the workforce?
Keep an open mind about where your career can take you. I never thought five years ago that I would be serving in an economic development capacity. It’s great to have goals for your career, but don’t be afraid to jump at a new and sometimes scary opportunity. Also,do your research! There are so many great career paths a person can take and without taking the time to see if it’s a good fit you can miss out on some great opportunities.

Favorite quote?
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

– Written by Danny Imes, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. деньги в долг

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