Although the summer temperatures are behind us, your car might still be feeling car maintenancethe effects of those long summer days. October is Car Care Month and with holiday travel just around the corner, car maintenance is not something to be pushed aside.

Whether it’s routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations or more complex repairs like brakes and suspension, it is typically best to leave maintenance to the experts. Businesses across the Valley share tips and tricks to ensure your vehicle is ready for the holiday bustle.

Get a vehicle report
“I recommend to customers that they Google the year, make and model of their vehicle to see if there are any recalls or TSB’-s (technical service bulletins) on their vehicle. This can be very important for driving and safety, and in many cases may prevent future problems or repairs.”
George Boliso, owner, Pete Kelley’s Auto Service

Locate proper tire inflation information
“When it comes to inflating tires, many people go off the tire pressure numbers located on the tire, which is a big mistake. One type and size of tire can be used on several different vehicles and each of those vehicles has different load carrying capacities and other aspects that dictate the need for a tire pressure specific to that vehicle. I suggest to always refer to the tire pressure sticker that is located on the driver’s door jamb or on the edge of the door in every car and light truck made in the last 14-15 years.”
Steve Morrow, president, OnSite OilChange

Check your belts, batteries and bulbs 
“In regards to the belts under the hood, look for cracks or bulges, which can hurt your car’s electrical system, air conditioning and power steering.”

“Arizona’s dry and hot climate tends to shorten battery lives. Most need to be replaced every two-three years. To avoid becoming stranded, I recommend you have it checked before hitting the road.”

“In addition, make sure your turn signals, headlights and brake lights are working properly and replace any burnt out bulbs as this can be a safety hazard.”
Howard Fleischmann, Sr., owner, Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair 

Be proactive
“Fall is the time of year to take a good look at your vehicle. After a long summer of 100+ degree temperatures and long road trips with the family, it is important that you follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations on preventive maintenance for your paint as well as under the hood. Arizona is an extreme climate with extreme driving conditions which should trigger increased frequency on the preventive maintenance that we do to keep our cars and trucks running at their peak efficiency and looking their best. With a 15-20 minute car wash, we can wash away most of the dirt and grime left in the car and on the paint.”
Joey McMorris, advertising & sales manager, Cobblestone Auto Spa

– Written by Danny Imes, digital marketing coordinator, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

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Posted by Jocelyn McAlpin