Gen Z

As the biggest generation in the workforce today, Millennials have been in the spotlight for quite some time. Although many feel like they have just got a handle on what makes Millennials tick, especially when it comes to the workplace, a new generation is on the rise and commanding attention. Enter Generation Z.

Gen Z is generally defined as the generation succeeding Millennials, with birth years ranging from the mid 1990s to early 2000s. Although Gen Zers do not have a strong presence in the workforce yet, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce members share a few tips to help businesses prepare for their arrival.

What is a substantial difference between Generation Z and Millennials in the workplace?
“Millennials have always been told that they are special and the best. They take that into the workforce and expect preferential treatment and don’t expect to start at the entry level. Gen Z grew up in difficult financial times for their families and are open to honest hard work. They expect to fail and will self-learn in order to not fail the next time.”
David Bruno, managing director, ZRG Partners LLC

“Gen Z is optimistic. They have high expectations and an app for everything. Millennials were forever impacted by 9/11 and tend toward community service. They want everything right now and appreciate diversity.”
Marti Cizek, president, Cizek Associates Inc.

“There are actually a lot of similarities between Gen Z and Millennials as both look for meaningful and fulfilling jobs. The biggest difference lies with perspective. Gen Z has a more global perspective – how does your company’s work and potentially theirs, affect economy on a larger more global scale? Flexibility in schedule is also not nearly as big a concern for Gen Z.”
Miriam Arriola, staffing consultant, Royal Personnel Services

What do hiring managers need to know when interviewing and hiring Generation Z candidates?
“Gen Z wants honesty and face-to-face conversations. They want to be a contributor and be taken seriously. They are motivated by advancement. They are “do-gooders” and volunteer on causes to be productive in their free time. They are certainly connected to the world electronically with all the gadgets. Respect them and they will show a deep loyalty to the company.”
-David Bruno, managing director, ZRG Partners LLC

“Make sure there are others on the interview committee that look like Generation Z. They tend to be more entrepreneurial and work/life balance is very important to them. They are willing to work hard and tend toward informality. I would also say to let them know you are tech-savvy.”
Marti Cizek, president, Cizek Associates Inc.

“Gen Z is very quick with communication, able to toggle between multiple tasks and seek to further their knowledge and education. You must be equally fast with your decisions, able to delegate meaningful tasks and willing to invest in their training and development.”

“Gen Z will be more interested in benefits that are available to them now or in the near future. Also be transparent about your health insurance plans, wages and leave policies. If you are not, they will go to the next company that has these clearly ironed out and willing to share this information.”
Miriam Arriola, staffing consultant, Royal Personnel Services

What values will Generation Z workers bring?
“As far as I know they have not entered the main workforce yet, but when they do they will bring values that the Baby Boom generation brought.”
David Bruno, managing director, ZRG Partners LLC

“They are team players, tend to be collaborative and want to be connected whether virtually or face-to-face.”
Marti Cizek, president, Cizek Associates Inc.

“Gen Z is the new workaholic generation. If your company is financially stable, technology driven, growth-minded, offers a competitive salary and has leadership that believes in transparency and sustainability, they will work harder for you than any other generation in your workforce. Invest in them and they will give back to your business ten-fold.”

“Gen Z are survivalists and entrepreneurs. They’ve grown up in a socio-economic environment filled with uncertainties. In this way they have more in common with the Greatest Generation (a.k.a. the GI Generation) than its most recent Millennial predecessor. They bring a more responsible and mature perspective, concerned and personally responsible for the economy, the environment and sustainability.”
Miriam Arriola, staffing consultant, Royal Personnel Services

– Written by Danny Imes, digital marketing coordinator, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Posted by Danny Imes