Arizona Business Daily Reports | Nov 9, 2016

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is sharing tips to help businesses prepare for the arrival of jobseekers from Generation Z — those born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s — after the chamber polled several business representatives and asked them for suggestions on what businesses should expect when this generation enters the workforce.

“Gen Z wants honesty and face-to-face conversations; they want to be a contributor and be taken seriously,” David Bruno, managing director of ZRG Partners in Scottsdale, said. “They are motivated by advancement. They are ‘do-gooders’ and volunteer on causes to be productive in their free time. They are certainly connected to the world electronically with all the gadgets.”

Bruno also said it is important to show respect to Generation Z workers and that doing so will result in these employees being loyal to their employers.

“Make sure there are others on the interview committee that look like Generation Z,” Marti Cizek, president of Cizek Associates Inc. in Phoenix, said. “They tend to be more entrepreneurial and work/life balance is very important to them. They are willing to work hard and tend toward informality. I would also say to let them know you are tech-savvy.”

Miriam Arriola, staffing consultant at Royal Personnel Services in Scottsdale, said those in Generation Z are entrepreneurs and survivalists since they’ve grown up in social and economic environments full of uncertainties.

“In this way they have more in common with the Greatest Generation (aka the GI Generation) than its most recent millennial predecessor,” Arriola said. “They bring a more responsible and mature perspective, concerned and personally responsible for the economy, the environment and sustainability.”

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