GOP Congresswoman Martha McSally shares her insights as a part of GPCC’s annual Executive Dialogue Delegation to Washington, D.C.

GOP Congresswoman Martha McSally shares her insights as a part of GPCC’s annual Executive Dialogue Delegation to Washington, D.C.

Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally sees the new political landscape in Washington, D.C. as a land rife with opportunity to move the economy forward through reforming several stifling regulations including the Affordable Care Act and fixing the legal immigration system.

McSally shared her insights the week following the Nov. 8 election with a delegation of Arizona business leaders as a part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s annual Executive Dialogue Delegation to Washington, D.C. The power-packed trip brings a select group of top Arizona business leaders together to discuss high-level policy and priorities with Arizona’s representatives and senators.

Echoing the thoughts of all of the Republicans who spoke with the group, McSally sees a great opportunity for the Republican-controlled legislative and executive branches to roll back many of the economy-stifling regulations enacted under the Obama administration and its agency-leading appointees.

“There are several reform proposals that are pretty visionary and bold and strategic and could really move the economy in a very different direction and get the engine of growth going again,” McSally said. “So it’s an exciting time.”

Some of those regulations targeted for modification or elimination include rules governing overtime, fiduciaries, the environment and health care..

“I think there is going to be some relief coming to the business community from a lot of the onerous regulations you’ve been dealing with,” McSally said. “We are looking to remove barriers to economic growth.”

As an Arizona Republican whose congressional district encompasses all of southeastern Arizona and a significant portion of the U.S.-Mexico border, McSally knows that Mexico is Arizona’s biggest trading partner and hopes the Trump administration makes fixing the country’s legal immigration system a priority along with its focus on increased border enforcement.

“We really need to focus on revamping the legal immigration system to align with our country’s economic needs,” she said. “We need to bring in those who will help grow our economy from all ends of the skills spectrum.”

A strong legal immigration system also enables the U.S. law enforcement community to increase enforcement on immigrants who break the law.

The Affordable Care Act is a substantial reform target for Republicans as well. McSally advocates for a considered, deliberate elimination.

“I think Obamacare is disastrous and collapsing under its own weight, but we have to make sure we are not hurting people during the transition,” she said.

Overall, McSally and many other Republicans are looking forward to a return of the Appropriations process and not having a president that vetoes GOP bills. She’s ready to work and cognizant of the sentiment that narrowly handed Republicans the keys to the kingdom.

“There’s some good fortune that has put us in this place. Let’s be good stewards of the opportunity we have been given and don’t overdo it,” she said. “We’re going to be hitting the ground running in January.”

– Written by Josh Coddington, marketing and communications manager, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

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