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Erin Miller, vice chair, Valley Young Professionals

To say that Erin Miller is a hard worker would be an understatement. As senior communications specialist at Sprouts Farmers Market, Miller can be described as a natural leader who faces challenge head on. A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in marketing, she wasted no time getting her feet wet doing what she loves. Working as a junior account executive at a local marketing agency where she oversaw all nonprofit client accounts and planned many events, she quickly acquired the skills needed for her current position at Sprouts.

As vice chair of the Valley Young Professionals (VYP), a member program of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Miller has big plans for the group including making positive changes in the community and creating the next generation of Phoenix leaders.

“Each member of the Board brings a unique set of talents and experience and I hope to leverage those diverse skills for the benefit of all VYP members while keeping the group fun,” she said.

Miller is a strong advocate for the VYP program and believes it allows its members to learn about the local community from the very people making the impact. She further states that VYP continues to add value to its members with events  featuring community leaders and business executives and the tours and entertainment venues that bring the group together. When asked what she would tell others thinking of becoming a member of VYP, Miller had a lot of positive points to share.

“Whether you are looking to make new connections, learn valuable skills or get behind-the-scenes tours of some of the most interesting places in the Valley, there is something for everyone. I attended my first VYP event five years ago at the suggestion of an executive at my organization and I have been active in the group ever since,” she said.

Miller also believes that Phoenix is a great place for young professionals looking to make an impact due to the amount of opportunity and the vast number of people that call Phoenix home.

“There are so many exciting companies moving to the region and an infinite number of ways to make your mark on the local business community,” Miller said.

When not rapidly climbing the success ladder, Miller looks for any opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the sites with her family.

“We all enjoy going on family hikes or bike rides. Our pace may be slower these days, but it is a lot of fun to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather,” Miller said.

In the evening, you can find Miller and her husband exploring new restaurants around town, when they can find a babysitter of course. Looking ahead to the new year, Miller plans to commit to a healthier lifestyle and has her eyes set on completing a Spartan Race or some local 5K races.

On a final note, Miller shares some advice she received from a mentor in hopes of inspiring fellow VYP members and young professionals in the Valley.

“There is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ time to make any big decision,” Miller said. “Very rarely do all the stars align. Therefore, when it comes to making big decisions, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.”

-Written by Danny Imes, digital marketing coordinator, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce


Posted by Danny Imes