2018 IMPACTful Award Voting

In 2016, as a complement to the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s 30-year history of honoring businesses, the Chamber launched the IMPACTful Nonprofit Award highlighting nonprofits with a strong footprint in the Valley that serve a valuable mission and are deserving of special recognition.

The IMPACTful Nonprofit Award is a award category in the Chamber’s annual IMPACT Awards. This award is open to all nonprofit organizations and recognizes the value of nonprofits in the Valley, while also taking into consideration the unique situation, scope and abilities of a nonprofit organization. The recipient of the award will be recognized at the Chamber’s Annual IMPACT Awards Luncheon on May 24, 2018.

The IMPACTful Nonprofit Award honors a nonprofit that exhibits success in the following areas:

  • Community Impact – An organization that is measurably improving the community through volunteer efforts, community focused initiatives, education projects or other methods. This organization’s mission adds great value to the Greater Phoenix community.
  • Innovation – An innovative organization that exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurialism within the nonprofit sector. An organization that has identified opportunities or unmet needs and, as a result, has initiated changes or developed innovative solutions.
  • Adversity – An organization that faced significant challenges and was able to respond and rebound in order to build a stronger, more sustainable organization.


Any questions? Contact our events team at IMPACT@phoenixchamber.com or 602-495-2182.

Recipients will be honored at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s IMPACT Awards on May 24, 2018. Click here to register!