Give Something Back

Get a Good Deal while Doing Good

Give Something Back is an office supply store with a twist. It morphs the process of selling ordinary office products into a more meaningful, customer-driven experience.

Starting more than 25 years ago, Give Something Back stays true to its name by donating more than 70 percent of its profits to local non-profit organizations. It puts philanthropic, decision-making power in the hands of its customers by allowing them to vote on an annual basis for which local organizations receive the business’ support.

In addition, Give Something Back is a great office supply store.

It offers more than 50,000 products for every area of the workplace. From office, janitorial and break room supplies, to high-quality furniture and technology equipment, there is a solution for every task. With low overhead and smart sourcing, its prices are consistently lower than the big box stores.

Give Something Back’s “360 Green Thinking” philosophy says the products it sells should be simultaneously useful to consumers and good for the environment.

That’s why it offers more than 6,000 ecofriendly and sustainable products ranging from cups and utensils for morning coffee to soaps and cleaning supplies without harsh chemicals and fumes. It also offers three office recycling programs.

Box recycling allows customers to leave empty boxes for delivery drivers to pick up while dropping off the next order. Toner Take-Back gives toner cartridges new life by fully recycling them. It is as easy as mailing them directly to the manufacturer using the shipping labels provided with purchase. Lastly, eWaste removal provides customers a responsible method to dispose of unwanted computers, monitors, printers, phones, TVs and other electronics.

Investing continually in new ways to reduce work and increase savings, Give Something Back offers an online ordering portal that provides businesses customizable access to resources such as order histories, favorites’ lists, inventory management, budget controls and invoicing preferences. This results in greater flexibility, less work and simplified system integration. There is also a team of customer service representatives ready to assist with any issues.

With competitive pricing, sustainable product offerings, free next day shipping and a customer-centric, do-good model, it’s hard to compete with Give Something Back and its mission.

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