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Pro-business Property Tax Measures

The Chamber applauds lawmakers at the state capitol for passing two bills that help Arizona remain competitive on business, personal,...


City Budget Update

While much of the attention has been on the state budget and how the Legislature will delegate funds next year,...


Legislative Session Update

As of March 24th, we are on day 74 of Session. This week marks the final week of committee hearings...


Who doesn’t love a good government mandate?

A cadre of bills have been introduced this session that insert the heavy hand of government into private business operations....


HB2691 Health Care Workforce and Grant Programs

Arizona continues to be a top relocation destination for many families leaving other states in search of a better quality...


Arizona businesses with vaccine mandates would face $500K lawsuits under GOP proposal

Employees who aren’t granted religious exemptions could file suit alleging injury BY: GLORIA GOMEZ/UA DON BOLLES FELLOW – JANUARY 28, 2022 7:07 AM...