PROformance is a local, family-owned business that has been helping large employers for over 20 years to provide employee break room services, such as vending, micro-markets, and office coffee/tea service.

As the only vendor in the Phoenix area with a resort level Chef and licensed food prep kitchen, PROformance prides itself in offering its customers fresh and healthy food that is also convenient.

Further setting itself apart, PROformance is the only vendor in Phoenix that buys through three channels – vending, convenience store, and healthy food store – so employees are offered a much wider variety of snacks and beverages, including many healthy options. In most cases, there is no cost to the employer for its services, allowing the Phoenix area business community the opportunity to provide a tremendous benefit to the employees without any cost or risk.

PROformance is proud of its restaurant quality food that is offered to employees at typical vending food prices making it easy for employees to afford to eat healthy.

PROformance is equally proud of the fact that its a local, family-owned business that has succeeded by buying local to support the local market and only serving local businesses.

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