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Session Recap

Arizona's 56th Legislature
1st Regular Session – 2023

Laws and regulations impact YOUR business every day. The Greater Phoenix Chamber works with elected officials at the state, local, and federal levels to ensure the voice of business is heard on important policy decisions. Here’s how your Chamber membership helped influence those decisions this year at the Arizona Legislature.

General Session Information


Days of Session – Adjourned Sine Die Monday, July 31st 2023


Bills Introduced by Legislators


Bills Signed by Governor


Chamber-supported bills signed into law


Chamber-opposed bills defeated

“The Greater Phoenix Chamber takes pride in our responsibility to the state and community in providing our members with business advocacy in support of their most important priorities. Our approach involves engagement from our members in crafting our position on critical issues and engaging our public policy professionals to interface with elected officials and others in representing the business community in critical initiatives that affect them most.”

-Scott Smith, TowerHunter, Inc.

Key Successes

  • Defeated numerous mandate bills that would have impeded business’ ability to set appropriate workforce policies for their business models and employees.
  • Championed efforts to expand economic development and investment through targeted tax policy.
  • Enhanced educational opportunities for students in Arizona schools to obtain credits for college degrees/certificates.
  • Continued to advocate for a structurally balanced budget while investing in critical areas of need.
  • Supported measures to keep Arizona competitive on business, personal, and property taxes.
  • Advocated for the passage of vital transportation and infrastructure funding.
  • Promoted efforts to continue investments and ensure infrastructure is in place for Arizona’s water.

Issue Spotlight

SB 1717 Dual Enrollment; Revisions; Appropriations

The Greater Phoenix Chamber was instrumental in the passage of additional funding for dual enrollment contained in the FY24 state budget. Sen. Steve Kaiser sponsored this critical legislation to expand Arizona’s dual enrollment opportunities to low-income students and schools. With the support of Governor Hobbs, key legislators, the business community, and our educational partners, this $15.5 million investment will help expand dual enrollment
throughout the state to low-income areas so that students can obtain college credit for a certificate or degree before graduating high school. Additionally, funds will be used to implement a teacher incentive program that will give a one-time stipend to any teacher who completes training and education for administering dual enrollment classes at their schools. The Greater Phoenix Chamber is proud to have championed this issue so that students obtain higher educational opportunities that align with in-demand jobs while assisting the schools and teachers who implement this program.

SB 1102 Transportation Excise Tax; Maricopa County

The Chamber was at the forefront of the business community coalition urging a legislative solution for this critical issue which is set to expire in 2025. If Maricopa County voters approve this measure in November of 2024, the proposal will extend the half-cent sales tax that provides needed resources to freeways, roads, and the valley’s transit system. The plan also contains various reforms to the regional transportation plan, including increased transit farebox recovery, modifying proposed light rail routes, and valley freeway speed limit changes. This measure ensures that Maricopa County can maintain vital infrastructure and transportation for our growing region, economy, and most importantly-businesses.