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Arizona Economic Insights

Data-driven Decision-making for Businesses

Arizona’s Economic Insights will empower your business decisions with a thorough understanding of Arizona’s economic landscape compared to national statistics.

As a Chamber member, you can delve deeper into population changes, average income, educational attainment, and housing data by county. Members can also gain industry-specific insights, including GDP and job projections.

Arizona’s Economic Insights will navigate you through the sometimes dense public data effortlessly with visuals that offer a quick and intuitive view of local statistics.

Value for Your Business

Increase Revenue by understanding Arizona’s growing industries, local pricing & inflation, and the personal income distribution across the state.

Attract and Retain Talent by understanding the job market, related salaries, and housing changes.

Reduce Costs by using data to support strategic business decisions to grow your bottom line.

Create New Opportunities by being informed on growing markets, economic fluctuations, and workforce trends.



Economic metrics provide a snapshot of the status of Arizona’s economy by region and compared to the US as a whole.

  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Gross Domestic Product by Industry
  • Gross Domestic Product Changes by Industry
  • Sales Tax Revenue
  • Arizona’s Growing Industries
  • Inflation
  • Inflation by Item
  • Personal Income
  • Median Income
  • Income Distribution


Key trends on Arizona housing availability and price index.

  • Housing Price Index
  • Housing Tenure
  • Housing Vacancy Status


Changes in population, labor market, unemployment, and industry wages by region and industry.

  • Population
  • Education
  • Job Openings & Labor Turnover
  • Industry Wages
  • Number of Establishments
  • Number of Employees
  • Unemployment
  • Childcare

Sample Charts

Arizona Economic Insight visuals are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. You can also make the most of them with a few quick tips:

  • Latest Data First: Top of most visuals give you cards that show the current data point or a dynamic narrative about the economy.
  • Customize Viewing: Use zoom sliders to only view certain periods in time or certain data ranges.
  • Easy Navigation: Utilize the buttons on the left to select filters or switch to detailed views.
  • Hover for Details: Hover over the any visual for additional details, descriptions, and specific data point values.
  • Highlight Details: Select any chart component to have it highlighted.
  • Source Links Below: Have more questions, go straight to the source – select the link in the source note below each visual.
  • Focus Mode: Select a visual and click on icon focus mode button on top right to only view that visual.
  • Zoom: Adjust zoom level and opt for full screen mode on bottom right.
  • Have more questions: contact

Gross Domestic Product


Unemployment Rate

Growing Industries

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The Arizona Economic Index is available to the general public until April 30, 2024. Join the Chamber today for continued access beyond May 1, 2024.


Economic metrics provide a snapshot of the status of Arizona’s economy and tracks progress toward economic recovery.


Arizona’s housing market and commercial real estate sectors will be key indicators during the post COVID-19 recovery.


Monitoring workforce, job creation and retention, and talent pipeline data is fundamental to supporting the economy.

Economic Development Investors