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Political Action Committee (PAC)

Support the Voice of Business

The Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC) has an esteemed history of supporting pro-business candidates for state and local offices, regardless of political affiliation. The Chamber thoroughly vets candidates to ensure their priorities promote a thriving business climate in Arizona.

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How can I help support the voice of business?

In order to maintain the Chamber’s mega-PAC status, we must secure a minimum of 500 contributions of $10 or more by December 31, 2021.

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Why is the PAC important?

Government leaders at the state, county, and local levels make decisions impacting businesses and influencing the economic vitality of our community every day. It is vital for companies to support candidates that understand the impact of their decisions on Greater Phoenix businesses and families.

What criteria are used when endorsing candidates?

The PAC board uses the Chamber’s guiding principles to determine which candidates are the most favorable to business.

What is the endorsement process?

The Chamber and the PAC Board of Directors solicit information from political candidates and conduct candidate interviews. The voting records of incumbent candidates are reviewed. The PAC Board determines which candidates receive the Chamber’s endorsement during their election cycle by comparing candidate screenings and voting records to the Chamber’s guiding principles and policy positions.