Documents & Resources

Below you will find relevant presentations, whitepapers, letters and other documents that advocate for and support positions taken by GPCC on existing and potential public policies. Items below are listed by the entity/entities that are considering the policy.

State of Arizona

Summary on the Taxation of Digital Goods and Services (HB 2479/SB 1392)
Top Business Groups Hail K-12 Lawsuit Settlement
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Supports HB2661
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Calls for Education Cooperation
Business Leaders SB 1062 Veto Letter


JLBC Revenue and Budget Update
Rich States, Poor States: A Guide to Economic Prosperity
I-11 Corridor Study Presentation


Education Finance:
Arizona School Finance: A Brief Introduction
Sales Tax (TPT) Simplification:
Comparison of Sales Tax Bases
TPT Simplification Points and Q&A
Business Community Supports TPT Reform
GPCC Supports Sales Tax Simplification (Infographic)

City of Phoenix

City of Phoenix Prop 104


Dealing with Scarcity in Transportation


Multi-Industry Letter on Permit Streamlining
Multi-Industry Letter Regarding the Federal Water Quality Protection Act
Multi-Industry Letter- S. 2006 Regulatory Accountability Act of 2015
Letter to EPA regarding proposed carbon emission guidelines


Funding Government by the Minute
Will Higher Tax Rates Balance the Budget?
What If the National Debt Were Your Debt?
What Are the Dangers of Too Much Debt?


Annual DC Policy Trip Summary