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Policy & Advocacy

The Greater Phoenix Chamber is Your Pro-Business Voice

At the Greater Phoenix Chamber, we’re committed to advocating for pro-business policies that foster a conducive business environment and support economic growth in Arizona. With a firm belief in the power of advocacy, we actively engage with policymakers and stakeholders to shape a business-friendly climate that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. Our goal is to create an environment that supports and promotes the growth of businesses, attracts investments, and creates new job opportunities.

Explore Our Mission for Policy and Advocacy

Our primary mission is to advocate for pro-business policies that foster economic growth and prosperity in Arizona. Understanding the impact of policy decisions on regional growth, we strive to be the voice of big and small businesses by promoting legislation and regulations that help our members and their businesses thrive. Our Public Affairs team plays a critical role in this mission. With an in-depth understanding of the legislative landscape, they work tirelessly to ensure that the interests of our members are at the forefront of all policy discussions. They work closely with policymakers, advocating for decisions that promote growth and safeguard businesses.


Our Approach to Support

An essential facet of our advocacy work involves the selection process for political candidates. We aim to endorse candidates who understand the needs and challenges of our business community and are committed to fostering a favorable environment in Arizona. The determination of policy priorities is another crucial aspect of our work. We believe in proactive engagement with our members by understanding their needs and translating them into policy initiatives. The needs of our members, the business community, and the overall economic environment drive our policy priorities. Here is a more in-depth look at our approach:

  • Research and Analysis: We conduct in-depth research and analysis to identify key issues impacting businesses in Arizona. Our team examines legislative proposals, economic trends, and regulatory changes to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our members.
  • Engagement and Collaboration: We actively engage with our members and stakeholders to gather insights and perspectives on critical policy matters. Through roundtable discussions, focus groups, and surveys, we create an inclusive platform for dialogue and collaboration, ensuring all voices are heard.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Armed with robust research and member feedback, we advocate for policies that support a vibrant and competitive business climate. We build relationships with elected officials, government agencies, and community leaders to communicate the needs and priorities of our members effectively.
  • Communication and Education: We inform our members about policy developments through regular updates, newsletters, and educational resources. We host events, workshops, and webinars to provide insights into policymaking and equip our members with the knowledge they need to engage effectively.
  • Partnerships and Coalitions: We collaborate with other organizations, chambers of commerce, and industry associations to amplify our advocacy efforts. By joining forces, we strengthen our collective impact and increase our ability to influence policy decisions directly affecting the local business community.

Discover Our Policy Priorities

We’re continuously evolving and implementing various policies and initiatives to support the growth and success of businesses in our community. With a focus on fostering innovation, driving economic development, and advocating for the needs of our members, we strive to create a business-friendly environment that promotes entrepreneurship and attracts investment. Through collaborative efforts with government agencies, community leaders, and industry partners, the Chamber actively works towards streamlining regulations, improving infrastructure, and expanding workforce development programs. By staying proactive and responsive to the needs of our community, we strive to play a vital role in shaping policies and initiatives that pave the way for a thriving community. Let’s take a closer look at some of our policy priorities:

Agriculture, Environment and Water

Works to support environment, water and natural resources policies that are based on sound science and responsive to Arizona’s unique needs. The committee responds to the needs of the business community by participating in policymaking that supports a strong business climate, while respecting the state’s natural resources.

Budget and Tax

Works to promote tax and budget policies that support the retention and growth of existing businesses, attract new investment, with an emphasis on private investment, and encourage employment in the greater Phoenix region and Arizona.

Education and Workforce

Works to enhance academic achievement and accountability while offering appropriate skills training that answers employment needs to create a more effective and prepared workforce.

Insurance and Healthcare

Supports strong insurance and healthcare markets that offer affordable, quality options to Arizona’s businesses and residents and creates a favorable business environment for these industries to thrive.

Legal and Regulatory Reform

Addresses a variety of legal issues including tort and regulatory reform, labor/union, ballot reform, and election/campaign finance reform.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Support the development and maintenance of a balanced and cost-efficient transportation system that involves all modes of transportation and improves safety, mobility, and connectivity, and reduces congestion for the region’s employers, goods, residents, and visitors alike.

Reach Out to Get Involved

At the Greater Phoenix Chamber, our mission extends beyond business development. We’re dedicated to shaping a future where businesses can prosper and thrive, and we invite you to join us. Your involvement can make a significant difference. Whether you’re a business owner looking to have your voice heard or an individual passionate about the economic health of Arizona, we welcome you to get involved. Reach out to learn more about our current initiatives and to learn how you can have your voice heard.

The Chamber takes care of politics, so you can take care of business by:

  • Monitoring critical issues throughout the legislative and policymaking process
  • Vetting political candidates based on key guiding principles
  • Evaluating the impact of ballot measures on businesses

Political Action Committee (PAC)

PAC has an esteemed history of supporting pro-business candidates for state and local offices, regardless of political affiliation.

Committees & Bill Tracking

Public Affairs offers members a voice in crafting policy priorities for the business community through issue committees.

Documents & Resources

Presentations, whitepapers, letters, and other documents that illustrate the Chamber’s positions on existing and potential public policies.

Elections & Voter Information

Participating in the political process by voting is one of the best ways you can help shape Arizona’s future.

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Meet YOUR Public Affairs Team

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Sr. Vice President of Public Affairs and IT Operations

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Mackenzie Shane
Public Affairs Manager

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