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The Greater Phoenix Chamber’s ATHENA Awards program recognizes and celebrates the achievements of businesswomen across the Greater Phoenix region. The ATHENA Award, an internationally prized honor, recognizes women who demonstrate excellence in professional leadership, community service, and mentorship of future leaders.

Each year, the Greater Phoenix Chamber’s ATHENA Awards highlight three women at the top of their field, who demonstrate inspiring leadership within their industry, mentor women throughout their career, and act as dedicated community servants.

Over the past 35 years, 65 accomplished and compassionate Valley businesswomen have earned the title of ATHENA.

The role of the ATHENA Award recipients:
The mission of the ATHENA Award program is “to become the foremost agent of change by helping individuals and organizations open doors of leadership opportunity to women.” That philosophy of leadership has been a call to action for Valley recipients after they receive this prestigious honor. Often, they are asked to donate their time, talent, and leadership skills to our community. Examples of involvement include speaking engagements, acting as a spokeswoman for the ATHENA program, writing guest editorials, mentoring future leaders, and continued participation in the Chamber’s ATHENA program.

Becoming an ATHENA:
Leadership: ATHENAs demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession in the Greater Phoenix area
Mentorship: ATHENAs assist others (both internally and externally) to reach their full leadership potential
Community Service: ATHENAs devote consistent and continuous time and energy to improve the quality of life for others

When are nominations?
Nominations are accepted from May to June of each year.
Who can nominate?
Women can be nominated by anyone or self-nominate.
What is required?
Nominated women submit a written application sharing how they fulfill the qualities of an ATHENA. Applicants must also be available to participate in key points in the process.
When is the awards luncheon?
Held annually in October/November, the ATHENA Awards Luncheon features the stories of each ATHENA finalist and why she is recognized leader, community servant, and Valley role model.
How do I get more information?
For more information, email

Meet our past ATHENAs:

Full list:

  • Veronica Aguilar
  • Wendy Akbar
  • Catherine Alonzo
  • Jeanine Bashir
  • Rachel Bennett-Yanof
  • Mary Lou Bessette
  • Jacki Bowers
  • Jennifer Caraway
  • Pearl Chang Esau
  • Rebecca Clyde
  • Sherri Collins
  • Ina Mae Copeland
  • Susan Cordts
  • Cindy Dach
  • Donna Davis
  • Barb Dawson
  • Kathleen Duffy Ybarra
  • Shelly Esque
  • Kathryn Forbes
  • Leah Fregulia
  • Monica Garnes
  • Nedra Halley
  • Nora Hannah
  • Maria Harper-Marinick
  • Janet Hemmerle
  • Delma Herrera
  • Chevy Humphrey
  • Becky Jackson
  • Michelle Just
  • Ashley Kasarjian
  • Courtney Klein
  • Sharon Knutson-Felix
  • Kathy Kolbe
  • Drena Kusari
  • Kimber Lanning
  • Candace Lew
  • Jamie Lyons
  • Anne Mariucci
  • Martha Martinez
  • Carrie Martz
  • Christy McClendon
  • Tammy McLeod
  • Anne McNamara
  • Reyna Montoya
  • Christy Moore
  • Margaret Mullen
  • Ingrid Murro
  • Darlene Newsom
  • Stella O’Rourke
  • Deborah Ostreicher
  • Mi-Ai Parrish
  • Suzanne Pearl
  • Connie Phillips
  • Andrea Pursley
  • Barbara Ralston
  • Denise Resnik
  • Eileen Rogers
  • Melissa Sanderson
  • Mary Ellen Simonson
  • Molly Stockley
  • Marie Sullivan
  • Monica Trejo
  • Terri Waibel
  • Nancy White
  • Tamara Woodbury