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The Valley Young Professionals (VYP), a program of the Greater Phoenix Chamber (Chamber), is for up-and-coming young professionals in the Valley ages 25-39. The VYP program provides experiences for its members to build lasting relationships, engage in professional development opportunities and become change-makers in the community. The program is designed to create innovative leaders for tomorrow by educating them on issues that affect business leaders of today. The monthly events connect leading entrepreneurs and business professionals with a valuable network to help them learn, grow, and develop professionally. As a member of the VYP network, you have access to networking opportunities, educational programs, behind-the-scenes tours, and volunteer projects.

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Join the Valley Young Professionals on April 11 for a paint and wine night to explore your creative side.

Even if it’s your first time picking up a brush, you’ll create your own masterpiece and connect with other young professionals in the Valley while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Don’t miss this fun opportunity for a unique and colorful experience with VYP!

Special notes: Registration costs include paint supplies and one beverage. Space is limited.

Registration for this event closes on April 8, 2019, or once capacity is reached. Payments must be made in advance and no refunds will be given for cancellations made within 72 hours of the event.

The Valley Young Professionals (VYP) provides experiences for its members to build lasting relationships, engage in professional development opportunities, and become change-makers in the community.

Board of Directors

The Chamber VYP Board of Directors creates a program to retain and attract young professionals to the Greater Phoenix area. The Board is responsible for overseeing the programming and direction of VYP. The board identifies content, speakers, venues, and community partnerships for VYP and promotes these events and the Chamber among their networks.

Meet our 2018-2019 Board of Directors


Ashley LaRae Sampson
Mind Style Soul
Co-Founder & Consultant
Years on the board: 2
Fun Fact: I used to tour with superstars like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Keyshia Cole as a fashion stylist for them, their band, singers and/or dancers.
Rita Rabbani
Vice Chair
Clear Channel
Regional Marketing Leader
Years on the board: 1
Fun Fact: My favorite work project so far is ideating, coordinating and executing KJ Dunk Night when I worked for the Phoenix Suns. It was really fulfilling to overhear fans talking in the concourse about how cool it was to hear Kevin Johnson discuss the dunk in the halftime FAQ with Al McCoy!
Bethany Bennick
Program Officer
Global Ties Arizona
Years on the board:  2
Fun Fact: I have a knack for making new friends, even those of the animal variety. My most recent (and random) friendship has been with a sea lion at the local aquarium. After a few visits and plenty of playtime chasing shiny objects across her enclosure, she recognizes me and waits patiently for playtime to begin. She recently gave birth and I look forward to playing with her pup during the next visit!
Salvador Bretts-Jamison
MidFirst Private Wealth Management
Relationship Manager
Fun Fact: I have two blue great danes (sisters) and I am so obsessed with Ballet Arizona, that they actually were in the School of Ballet Arizona’s last performance of Giselle as German hunting dogs.
Andy Forsell
Lockton Companies
Production Resource Specialist
Years on the board: 1
Fun Fact: 4 years ago I had the ill-advised notion to take up amateur live bull-riding – even though I’d never even considered it before. I spent several months doing it twice a week before a concussion and several broken bones convinced me to stick to my day job, which, ironically, is in risk management.
Zachary Hall
Arizona Diamondbacks
Game Operations Coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Club
Years on the Board: 1
Fun Fact: I have thrown over 12,000 t-shirts in my life as a professional t-shirt tosser.
Matt Lovelady
Salt River Project
Manager, Investment Recovery
Years on the board: 3
Fun Fact: Coming soon!
Erin Miller
Sprouts Farmers Market
Senior Communications Specialist
Years on the board: 5
Fun Fact: I discovered my favorite restaurant in high school when my friends and I would eat at Chino Bandido after our Wednesday night track meets. Since then I have ordered the exact same meal at EVERY visit, the 7 and 7Q. You MUST try the Jade Red Chicken, you’ll thank me later!
Justin O’Connell
Business Development Manager
Fun Fact: Besides being a huge fantasy football nerd, I also love Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.  I actually had a wizard collection when I was younger…you will have to ask about it.
Lorna Romero
Years on the board: 1
Fun Fact: I enjoy salsa dancing and practicing yoga.
Zach Schira
Maricopa County
Deputy Chief of Staff
Fun Fact: I took American Sign Language as a foreign language in undergrad.
Shay-ee Senbore
Boundary Systems
PreSales and Applications Engineer
Fun Fact: I have taken a ride in a helicopter around the Gateway-Mesa area in Phoenix.
Lindsey Thompson
Shamrock Foods Dairy
Brand Manager
Years on the board: 1
Fun Fact: Beagle lover and aspiring harmonicist
Craig Waugh
Years on the board: 3
Fun Fact: I’m capable of driving from Phoenix to Boston, MA in 44 hours.
Ryan Wright
ASMEC Project Engineer, Structural
Years on the board: 1
Fun Fact: Growing up in Jamaica, the following are nicknames I was given: Cube, Diddy (before Puff Daddy used it), Nini, Puppet, Pele/Maradona

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