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Vanir Construction

Building success one job at a time

Vanir Construction Management Inc. is one of the nation’s leading, privately-held program, project and construction management firms. Since 1980, the company has helped clients plan, coordinate and complete new construction, modernization and renovation projects throughout the United States. As a full-service construction management firm, Vanir provides a complete menu of services to clients in education, health care, justice, water/wastewater, public buildings, transportation and energy markets.

Vanir’s people, processes and expertise keep it competitive with the largest construction management firms in the industry, while remaining true to its mission of providing its clients with unparalleled service. With 20 offices nationwide, Vanir offers more than 100 construction management services and has one of the highest concentrations of certified design professionals, architects, engineers and construction managers in the industry.

Vanir serves its clients in seven unique market segments throughout Arizona:  K-12 education, higher education, health care, justice facilities, water/waste water, public buildings and transportation. Understanding the purpose each building must serve, and how it must function in a real-life setting is what sets Vanir apart from its competitors. Vanir’s expertise lies in its ability to serve the unique needs of each client and ensure each need is met in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Recognizing the need to continually improve the quality of its services to adapt to a changing environment and clients ever changing expectations, Vanir established a Total Quality Services (TQS) program that provides continual feedback so its procedures provide the highest quality and service to the client.

Vanir works hard to be “less corporate” and develop a culture fostering creativity and camaraderie. Vanir employees are a diverse group who believes in teamwork, mutual respect and hard work.

The “Vanir Gives Back” program encourages employees and their families to be active in volunteerism and charitable activities. Past projects and events include fundraising runs and walks, toy and food drives, student outreach projects and updating and improving run-down neighborhood facilities.

After nearly 20 years in the Valley, Vanir is proud of its history in shaping Arizona’s landscape and looks forward to building new relationships.