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Centene Corporation

Better health outcomes at lower costs

Founded as a single health plan in 1984, Centene Corporation has established itself as a national leader in the health care services field.

Centene uses a community-focused approach to respond to the constantly changing health care industry and to deliver quality health care coverage at a lower cost to the under-insured and uninsured.

“The goal is to have a very local approach,” said Monica Coury, vice president of legislative and government affairs for Centene. “It’s our mission to transform the health community one person at a time.”

Centene covers more than 11 million people in 28 states with government-sponsored health care programs. The company employs more than 1,500 people across Arizona, including in-network health care providers, physicians and hospitals.

Centene works with states to create innovative solutions that address the unique needs of its members to provide the best possible solutions. It offers a wealth of programs from illness prevention education to financial incentives for healthy behaviors.

Centene’s Member Connections outreach program provides its members assistance with health care-related questions while ensuring they have access to resources. The program also provides free cell phones to qualifying members to assist with emergencies or other health-related concerns.

Centene’s Bridgeway program offers long-term care for its elderly and/or physically disabled members. Nearly 75 percent of those on this program receive services in their home or a community setting. This improves greatly their quality of life while reducing their cost of care, by avoiding placement in a nursing home.

“The person-centered approach is what drives us at Centene,” Coury said. “We do good work through our Bridgeway program with our elderly and physically disabled populations who are at risk of being in a nursing facility.”

Through its work with local nonprofits helping families and children in need, Centene makes a substantial impact on the quality of life and health in the communities it serves.

Centene Corporation