Phoenix Health Care Sector Partnership

The Phoenix Health Care Sector Partnership (PHCSP) is a collaborative of health care leaders, educational institutions, and community partners dedicated to improving health outcomes for the community, strengthening the health system, and fostering expansions of health care companies that generate quality job opportunities.

Participant engagement in PHCSP initiatives has more than doubled since the City of Phoenix launched the effort in July 2013 and has since come under the aegis of the Greater Phoenix Chamber. The PHCSP includes more than 300 industry and community leaders committed to advancing its priorities: enhancing the talent pipeline and promoting the region as a wellness destination. Biannual meetings are held at partner venues across the Valley to bring together business leaders and promote the PHCSP priorities.


Enhance the talent pipeline

Pinpointing specific workforce needs, identifying changes necessary in workforce training, and developing strategies to produce health care workers supports the creation of high-wage jobs that strengthen the health care system.

  • Brand Greater Phoenix as booming health care market to attract and retain talent
  • Address talent pipeline issues for high-priority occupations, specifically in nursing and behavioral health professions
  • Expand graduate medical education opportunities
  • Advocated successfully for expansion of the state loan repayment program to include high demand positions.
  • Supported the Medical Licensure Compact, which allows for practitioners from other participating states to use their existing license in Arizona.
  • Successfully advocated for additional $350K in State Loan Repayment Program funding, drawing down a federal match.
  • Launched employer-led hospital workforce collaborative.

Promote the region as a destination for healthy talent

The Wellness AtoZ initiative promotes the region’s healthy, active lifestyle, and high quality of life in order to attract and retain top talent. Wellness AtoZ is a program of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (GPCF) aimed at helping businesses create or enhance their employee wellness program while celebrating Arizona as a great place to live, work, and play. Learn how you can become a Wellness AtoZ Employer today!

    • Engaged over 50 committed businesses across the region in inaugural year, assisting those businesses with implementation of Wellness AtoZ’s four employee wellness principles.
    • Impacted over 300,000+ employees in its first year.
    • Secured the proclamation Wellness AtoZ Day (May 20, 2018) from Governor Doug Ducey.

New priorities coming soon

Attend our next PHCSP meeting to determine future priorities. Stay tuned for the Spring date!

To learn more about the Phoenix Health Care Sector Partnership, contact Chief Innovation Officer, Jennifer Mellor at 602.495.6491 or email