As the leader in networking and communications, Cisco is helping small businesses work better by solving everyday business challenges. With the broadest portfolio of products designed and priced for small business, they can help with your technology needs. Through their local partners, Cisco makes selection, deployment, and management simple, so you can focus on your business.

Getting technical

Cisco has soultions

ciscoTechnical advisers are not just for the movies.
With technology changing and evolving in the blink of an eye, Ann Damiano (left) of the global giant Cisco – a networking solutions company – advises small business owners to get a technical adviser.
“The idea is that the network should be something that enables your business to be successful, not something you have to spend lots of time worrying about or wondering what good it does,” says Damiano, who has been Cisco’s Phoenix-based small business market manager for nearly five years.
She focuses on businesses with fewer than 100 employees, helping them find ways to improve productivity and efficiency by connecting to customers, employees and partners – and, free from hackers, spam and viruses.
From a phone system that pops up a customer’s name and history on a computer screen before the phone is answered to showing a remote sales team a new product through a video call, small businesses have different needs.
However, right now small businesses are struggling to recover from the economic downturn and finding a lack of credit, Damiano says.
The challenge is to balance capital investment enabling one’s business to become more productive, efficient and secure while serving customers with limited capital and human resources.
“Those who do,” she says, “will find themselves well positioned for success as the economy gradually recovers.”
Cisco has developed a financing arm called Cisco Capital, which currently is offering 0 percent financing for three years for voice, data and video technology. Small businesses can bundle desktop computers and servers and eventually own the equipment.
“We are working towards being able to offer the same level of sophisticated technology to our small business customers that we have traditionally been able to offer to our large enterprise customers,” Damiano says.

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