Damon Andersen, Branding Expert

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Meet Chamber Premier Member Damon Andersen. Damon helps established business owners and organizations strengthen their position in the marketplace through his proven, proprietary and strategic 12-Step Branding Process.

Building Leadership Brands

Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace.

Damon Andersen, Branding Expert

Damon Andersen, Branding Expert

Damon Andersen helps decision makers build a leadership brand that energizes sales staff, turns employees into brand advocates and connects with customers on an emotional level. For over 20 years, Damon has helped 100+ companies and organizations with a results focused, strategy-first approach.

“The challenge a lot of small business owners and organizations face is that they are not considered amongst the leaders in the marketplace. They are spending a lot of time and money on advertising that isn’t right for their audience. They’re losing customers to competitors because of price and their employees aren’t operating on the same page as the leadership team.”

Damon Andersen’s 12-Step Branding Process is ideally suited for companies who have the desire to raise the bar within their category and have their brand clearly defined so that it absolutely resonates with their prospective customers.

Through the 12-Step Branding Process, Damon facilitates workshops with your stakeholders to help clearly define your brand so it resonates with your prospective customers, saving you time, large amounts of resources in the long run and allowing you to avoid multiple expensive false starts.

How is Damon different?
“Instead of focusing so much on promoting products and services, organizations need to start revealing more about “who” they are as a company and how that relates to the product or service, so that customers can connect with them on an emotional level. The best known brands with the most loyal fans share their authentic personalities with their customers. This is accomplished through branding, and it’s why branding is so important.”

Your brand is important
Damon Andersen