Off Madison Ave

Off Madison Ave

David AndersonDave Anderson doesn’t readily talk about his “other life,” the one that involves presidents, the Secret Service, foreign affairs and the Olympics.

Instead, he talks about his people at Off Madison Ave, a “communications agency for your digitally driven future,” and how great they are.

“I look for people who are smarter than I am and are self motivated,” Anderson says. “I want them to be focusing on their careers and getting what continued education they need.”

“If someone wants to work in a certain industry, or on a certain project, we support that,” he says. Anderson and his partner, Roger Hurni, started Off Madison Ave in 1998. As for the name, Anderson says, “We think differently than the traditional Madison Ave (New York) agency. And, even though we are in Arizona, we have the same caliber/quality of people that Madison Ave in New York has.”

The agency has about 30 employees who work without titles on their business cards and without walls and cubicles. When they bring their kids to work, the youngsters build Legos or watch DVDs in the office playroom while their parents service such clients as Nike, SkyMall, ASU Biodesign, Leslie Pools and the Phoenix Art Museum.

“We’re a very flat organization. We have open communication,” Anderson said. “People aren’t hiding behind doors and windows.”

Okay, but what about that other life? After graduation with a finance degree from ASU, Anderson went to Washington, D.C. and eventually joined the advance team for President George H. W. Bush. Then, he came back to Arizona and started his agency. Later, he did work for the second President Bush, including leading the advance team for the summer Olympics in China.

“I have a strong business partner and strong team,” he said of being able to be away from the office. “With a cell phone and Internet connection, you can conduct business from anywhere.”

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NOTE: In September 2012, Off Madison Ave and SpinSix merged, creating a new, integrated marketing and advertising agency.

– Written by Christia Gibbons.