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Visibility, benefits for business are key for Polsinelli

When Polsinelli launched as a law firm in February 2009, it faced a challenge common to many new businesses: lack of name recognition.

The practice is the result of a merger between two firms based in Kansas City, each with its own footprints in opposite sides of the country. Although there was a small office under the Shughart Thomson & Kilroy name in Phoenix, the firm was relatively unknown.

“We’ve approached that (lack of name recognition) with discrete, professional advertising, marketing and by working with the three laws schools to get our name better known among the law students,” said Ed Novak (left), office managing partner for the Phoenix firm. “We’ve had considerable success in the legal market saturation. What we’re still working on is saturation within the general business community.”

The firm, which provides business law services, has partnered with several organizations –including the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Economic Council and the Phoenix Business Journal – to help attract attention from local companies.

“We’re looking to help those small, mid- and large-sized businesses with their business formation and business advice issues,” said Novak, adding that the firm prides itself on responsiveness, results and value.

Services range from helping select the proper business entity and protecting brand identity to patent processing, real estate transactions, litigation and wealth planning.

According to Novak, the formation of Polsinelli follows a change underway in the legal industry, as larger law firms are consolidating and acquiring smaller firms. In the future, he sees this transformation leading to more major firms moving into smaller markets.

For businesses, the evolving industry brings benefits.

“It affords small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to work with firms that have national and international footprints and developed expertise that will enable businesses to expand sales either nationally or internationally,” Novak emphasized.

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