Growing company gets consumers back on track

It can determine whether you get a home loan or the interest rate you’re charged.

Your credit score is significant. And for Progrexion, a company dedicated to ensuring fair and accurate consumer credit reports, helping people correct their credit history and improve their score is significant business.

“Credit affects your ability to live the American dream,” says Jason Stevens, Progrexion’s site director in Phoenix. “And now that the economy is on an upward swing, people are trying to apply for more home and car loans.”

That means a greater demand for credit repair, Stevens says. As the industry grows, Progrexion is seeing 30 to 40 percent growth year over year.

The average consumer doesn’t know how to fix inaccuracies on his credit report, but with decades of experience working with creditors and credit bureaus, Progrexion knows how to work with these large institutions.

“Our main objective is to ensure that everything is accurate and substantiated,” Stevens says. The company also educates consumers on what’s on their credit report and how to improve it in the future.

“Then we do credit monitoring,” he adds. “So, if we see anything that changes, we flag those items and are in constant contact with our clients.”

The Utah-based company, which opened its Phoenix site in October 2013, expanded here partially because of the local talent. Located at 19th Avenue and the 101, the call center employs 300 and continues to grow, seeking to hire more customer service and sales professionals every quarter.

Stevens says the “work hard, play hard” philosophy is a draw for employees — as is Progrexion’s unique approach to call center management.

“For us, it’s more about the quality of the interaction. That sets us apart,” he explains. “We don’t focus on average handle time. We’re not trying to get consumers off the phone.”

And when those interactions lead to improved credit scores for customers, Progrexion employees feel good about what they do,” he adds.

“A lot of the customers we’re talking to didn’t wake up wanting to talk to us today. They didn’t know they were going to get denied for a loan,” Stevens notes. “For our agents, this is feel-good type of sale. We have customers who’ve signed up and say that we’ve changed their life.”

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