Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial

Gil Valadez is catching a plane.

The managing director of the Greater Southwest Agency of Prudential Financial, Inc., Valadez (right) is constantly on the go, taking 45 to 50 roundtrips a year to keep his 80 employees connected.

In the Phoenix headquarters, keeping connected might mean going bowling after a five-hour meeting or tailgating at a Cardinals game. However, with the agency covering all of Arizona, New Mexico, the El Paso area of Texas and western Colorado, Valadez often takes to the air.

“That’s why I travel. It’s hard work to make sure all employees feel job satisfaction so I come to them, so they don’t have to come to me,” Valadez says.

The company focuses on financial, personal and community success, even running potential employees through an exercise to determine their desire to “to do business while supporting the local community,” he says.

Employees are encouraged to join volunteer organizations through a company 50-50 matching fund which supports dues to contributions. And, if an employee gives an educational seminar for an organization, Prudential will pay 100 percent for refreshments.

“The philosophy of the office is we want to give back to the community more than we take out,” Valadez says. “Right from the beginning we ask people what they are going to do to give back to the community.”

Business is good, with his office’s revenues up year to year over 2008. Valadez just hired a full-time recruiter and expects to add at least 20 more employees this year.

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