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Resolution Copper Mining

Resolution Copper Mining

Mining company thinks community first

When Resolution Copper Mining President and CEO David Salisbury thinks about the future of his company, he considers the future of the larger community as well. It’s this understanding that has helped drive his optimism and success during the economic downtown.

“We recognize it’s not just about Resolution Copper,” Salisbury says. “It’s about the communities around us.” In part, he says, this means preserving the environment and enhancing the local economy.

Resolution’s community focus has also led to relationships with the state’s universities to develop new mining technologies. Salisbury says this provides Arizona an opportunity to become a center for mining technology.

Resolution is committed to a thorough environmental review before construction can start, putting the mine about 10 years away from production. Once fully operational, the project could produce up to 25 percent of the country’s copper supply, Salisbury says.

Salisbury estimates that at its peak, the mine will generate about $798 million a year in economic activity in Arizona, producing 1,200 full-time jobs and 200 contract positions at the mine itself. Over the life of the mine, about $46 billion in economic activity is expected.

It’s all part of integrating into the larger community. “This is a project that brings private money to generate jobs,” Salisbury says. “We will produce long-term well-paying jobs. And we’re doing it in a way that protects the rights of the environment.”

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