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SWC Arizona


At SWC Arizona, we pride ourselves on providing quality medicine at affordable prices in a comfortable and professional environment.

Our friendly and informative staff always takes the necessary time to educate our patients while providing efficient service.

We also understand that saving money is of the utmost importance. That’s why we created our Patient-Supported Cultivation (PSC) Program. PSC features a three-tier membership plan to fit into everyone’s budget. Every tier supplies patients with free, house-grown cannabis every month and 10 percent off everything in store. We also have a rewards card program that allocates 5 percent off, so patients can easily see the money being saved with every purchase.

At SWC Arizona, we want patients to feel appreciated and welcomed, so we do our best to show our gratitude for their patronage. Our attentive and highly knowledgeable staff works hard to maintain a safe and relaxed environment to fulfill the individual needs of every patient, every time.