Tiffany & Bosco

Tiffany & Bosco

The managing attorney ropes calves in his off time. The assistant managing attorney reels in salmon. The greatest fun, however, may come from simply going to work each day.

Michael Tiffany (above, middle), the horseman, and Mark Bosco (above, left), the fisherman, joined forces 12 years ago to form Tiffany & Bosco. Their names adorn one of the Esplanade office buildings at 24th Street and Camelback Road.

“We like being here,” Bosco says of going to work. “We like what we do. People genuinely care about each other and about our clients.”

“My favorite ‘thing’ about our firm is that it is a happy and comfortable place to be,” concurs Tiffany. “I always look forward to coming to the office.”

Bosco says that’s in large part because of the very culture Tiffany has molded throughout the years. “He’s absolutely the greatest partner one could have,” Bosco says. “He’s such a gentleman. He has high expectations for everyone when it comes to honesty, integrity and fairness.”

Business is good and the firm, which practices more than 30 specialties locally and internationally, is set to add to its 36-attorney force.

“Based on our expanding market share and inquiries from experienced attorneys who want to join our firm, we expect to add five to 10 attorneys over the next year,” Tiffany says.

It sounds like the fun, like the firm, will continue to grow.

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