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Sine Die – May 2017 Legislative Session Update

The GPCC Public Affairs team works hard supporting and opposing bills that affect the business community.


Education investment pays dividends for employers and Arizona’s economy

It is a great time to prepare to take full advantage of the opportunities available to help companies succeed.

University funding ensures economic vitality, educated workforce

In an op-ed published by the Arizona Capitol Times on February 18 titled “University funding ensures economic vitality, educated workforce”...


Prop. 123 education funding deal needs voters to get across the finish line

Gov. Doug Ducey, members of the Legislature and education stakeholders all deserve congratulations for their hard work in crafting, negotiating...


Q&A with Gov. Doug Ducey: His vision for moving Arizona forward

‘Engaged’ is a word that is very familiar to Gov. Doug Ducey. Although still in his freshman year as Arizona’s...