Offerpad launched in 2015 with a simple goal: use its decades of experience, married with technology to provide the best way to buy and sell a home. Offerpad helps to eliminate many pain points that come along with the traditional real estate transaction, and since the company directly buys the home, sellers now have more control over the process. Offerpad takes care of all the paperwork and responsibility to get the home in buyer-ready condition. Customer’s select their closing and move date to align best with their individual situation. Offerpad provides dedicated support throughout the entire process and will even move customers for free, within a 50-mile radius.

Offerpad’s unique mixture of technology and a deep understanding of the real estate industry is what fuels the company’s growth. Instead of expanding rapidly and offering a turnkey, commoditized solution, Offerpad works with local experts to truly understand each region’s real estate landscape, so they can better serve buyers and sellers.

Prior to Offerpad, homeowners were challenged with not knowing how long their home may sit on the market and what costs they would incur throughout that time; they were bothered with managing renovations, strangers entering their home, and not knowing the amount their home would ultimately sell for. Offerpad is extremely proud of the solution that has helped thousands of homeowners have a better experience buying and selling a home.

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