Published February 24, 2017, by Arizona Capitol Times

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Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Increased energy costs, recreational marijuana use and sales, taxpayer-financed political campaigns to chill free speech and barriers on attracting and retaining top health care leadership talent could have been the new norm for Arizonans as a result of the 2016 election.

Fortunately for the business community and Arizona’s economy, almost all of the anti-business proposals from last year fell short of the support they needed to be passed by voters or appear on Arizona’s ballot. However, the passing of Prop. 206 illustrates that we didn’t make it out entirely unscathed.

Our citizen initiative process, a power which was enshrined in the Arizona Constitution by our founders at statehood to enable residents of Arizona to enact laws directly, has been hijacked several times by out-of-state groups who are motivated by their own interests to make sweeping changes with consequences that we – not them – have to face each day.

We support a full review and reform of our state’s citizen initiative process, to place the balance of this substantial power back where it belongs – in the hands of Arizonans.

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