GPCC President & CEO Todd Sanders

GPCC President & CEO Todd Sanders

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce team spent a recent morning discussing collaboration as a necessity – not only to our success as the premier member-driven business association in Arizona, but also to the success of the Greater Phoenix region.

In addition to planning and taking decisive action to grow the economy, the team determined we must ensure we are creating an environment to foster growth.

The ideal pro-growth environment features collaborators offering tools to help businesses grow and navigate challenges, institutions providing the precise education and training employers need and advocates promoting a pro-business regulatory environment at all levels of government.

In short, finding success requires a team comprising several talented players, each of which exercises its unique talents and abilities to achieve the same goal.

Fortunately we have exemplary partners including the city of Phoenix, Maricopa County, the Arizona Commerce Authority, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other chambers, who act with us as catalysts to facilitate regional growth, success and prosperity. Without them, we wouldn’t have visited nearly 2,000 local businesses; facilitated productive, industry-led leadership councils or created five workforce collaboratives focused specifically on filling the talent pipeline.

Collaboration isn’t a mere buzzword that sounds good to throw around during executive board meetings. It’s a proven method of operation that produces results.

While I encourage everyone in the business, education, political and non-profit communities to consider the value of collaboration throughout our region, I also challenged our team to step (figuratively, of course!) into each others’ shoes during our discussion. Hearing individual interpretations of our organization’s mission and the methods we use to achieve it proved to be a valuable eye-opener for the staff, myself included.

Our morning discussion was partly driven by some of the ideas presented in Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit No. 2 is “begin with the end in mind.”

At the Chamber, we embody this idea by adding the word “goal” to the saying. The “end goal” to which my outstanding team works toward is promoting regional prosperity by serving as a catalyst for economic vitality and strong communities. We do this well, but we are always open to working with other, like-minded people and entities.

I respectfully submit that the chief habit of highly effective people – and businesses, organizations and governments – is collaboration. микрозайм

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The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce supports business growth and drives economic development in the region by helping members stay connected and prosperous, growing the economy through Phoenix Forward, our collaborative economic development partnership, and advocating for pro-business policies.

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